FLOOR BARRE _ starting on 01.02.2023

Wednesday 10:00-11:00 ----- all levels





Drop in: 12€

10class card: 100€




A ballet class for adults of every age, for beginners or for people withsome experience in ballet, but also for teenagers from 15 years old. This class is for those that love this classical technique, for those that tried when they were young and now want to start again, for the people that never tried it but always wanted to, or for those that want to improve their dance technique regardless the style they normally dance. We learn and we work on the classical technique along with some elements from modern dance, like for example, more involvement of the upper body or parallel positions. We aim at a good body condition, a right body posture, musicality, beauty and the joy of dancing!

Yoga - Body Workout


In this class we combine different elements from different movement and exercise techniques. With yoga as our base we use pilates, contemporary dance and even the ballet technique to do a workout for the body and soul.

Floor Barre (Barre á Terre) description:


Barre á Terre is a technique for everyone. Dancers, professionals or not, beginners or advanced, people who enjoy exercising and dancing, people interested in learning new ways to move and exercise their body.

In this class we use the ballet technique along with elements of modern dance, yoga and pilates in floor-based exercises.

The class helps us to strengthen all main muscle systems but also stretch and relax the body. With this class we can achieve a strong and healthy body and a correct body posture. We can also explore and realise our physical potential, work on our flexibility, improve our dance technique, and of course enjoy exercising with rhythm and music.

Contemporary dance class description:


The class includes elements of Release technique, Limon technique and improvisation. Aiming at the awareness of physical abilities and possibilities, as much as, the artistic expression through movement.

Through floor work and standing sequences we built up steadily the energy that leads to a phrase that includes all elements of the day’s work-out.

Great attention is given to the dance-technique and the mechanisms of the movement. We explore the different qualities and dynamics, the directions in and out of the body, with guides the opposites, like small - big, close - open, reach out – gather. The transfer of weight and how that leads us to transfer through space in balance or off-balance. We play with co-ordination and isolation of the body parts.

Musicality and rhythm in movement are essential throughout the whole class, giving us inspiration and helping finding the details that transform our moving body to a performing expressive body.